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Customized Assessment Services (CAS) is a flexible exam-building tool that enables educators to create custom assessments that align with a variety of curricular approaches, including discipline-based, organ system-based and longitudinal integrated clerkships. It features a large pool of NBME test questions that are developed by committees of subject matter experts.   

In addition to helping you save the time and resources that go into developing your own assessment and offering more flexibility than a pre-built, end-of-course exam, CAS enables you to:

  • Incorporate both foundational and clinical science content to support an integrated curriculum
  • Create and administer custom midterm assessments to track how your students are progressing
  • Gain insight into examinee performance at an individual item level to provide actionable feedback
  • Use filters and a search function to find the most relevant questions for each of your content areas
  • Add questions to your favorites to access them easily next time you're building a blueprint
  • Share your tests with colleagues and access those shared by other educators through the CAS Community

Introducing the CAS Practice Option

The CAS Practice option gives you a flexible new way to use CAS with non-proctored tests that enable you to:

  • Build blueprints from a dedicated question bank of foundational science items
  • Set up online administration windows, eliminating the need to reserve rooms or find proctors
  • Give students more flexibility by allowing them to test anytime within the administration window

Watch the video below to learn more.

Case Studies

View the case studies below to see how other schools use Customized Assessment Services to meet their specific needs.*

*These case studies have been anonymized and reflect the personal opinions of CAS users. They do not constitute an endorsement by a university/institution.

Purchasing & Fees

How to Purchase

Customized Assessment Services is available through the MyNBME® Services Portal. Your school's Executive Chief Proctor has access to the portal and will play a key role in the program setup. For more information on ordering a subscription, please see the program guide


Customized Assessment Services offers the flexibility to create unlimited customized exams during a 12-month subscription period for an annual fee of $1,500.

This subscription includes:

  • Program set-up
  • Support for test construction and administration activities
  • Construction of all examinations
  • Score reports for each examination

Administration fees are based on the number of test items in a customized exam and will be assessed when your exam is ordered for administration.

CAS Practice Option Administration Fees

Number of items on test Fee per examinee
1-25 $10
26-50 $22
51-150 $32


CAS Proctored Administration Fees for July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

Number of items on test Fee per examinee
1-25 $18
26-150 $32
151+ $41


CAS Proctored Administration Fees for July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025

Number of items on test Fee per examinee
1-25 $19
26-150 $33
151+ $42

Score Reports

Customized Assessment Services gives you access to the following score reports:

Details the performance of your students at the individual and aggregate level for both the entire exam and for specific content areas.

Provides the norm performance of your students within a single administration or across multiple administrations of the same form.

Highlights the strengths and weaknesses across content areas for each individual student.

Helps you better understand your exam through statistical indices that describe the performance of each item.

Provides information on the performance of each examinee on each item, including item-level content keywords and difficulty statistics from the source exam.

*Note: Some reports will only be generated upon meeting specific criteria.


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