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Improve your item-writing skills with in-person and virtual workshops

NBME Item-Writing Workshops

Designed and administered by a team of internationally recognized experts in the fields of test development and psychometrics, NBME Item-Writing Workshops give you the tools to develop exam questions that more effectively test your students’ knowledge.

Item-Writing Workshops can be delivered remotely or in-person for groups of any size at medical schools and other health profession organizations. NBME also offers workshops for those who want to participate as an individual through open enrollment.

Item Writing Workshop

For Institutions

Our staff will facilitate a workshop specific to the needs of your school or assessment body.

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For Individuals

Remote workshops are available for individuals seeking to improve their item-writing skills.

NBME Item Writing Guide

NBME Item-Writing Guide

The NBME Item-Writing Guide incorporates lessons that NBME staff have learned from decades of developing exam items and leading workshops in the field.

Now in its sixth edition, the guide covers the basics of writing exam questions and recent innovations in test development, such as implementing patient characteristics in items. 

The NBME Item-Writing Guide is also available in Spanish and Portuguese

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Tips for the Inclusion of Patient Characteristics in Item Creation

This one-pager provides tips from the NBME Item-Writing Guide to consider when incorporating patient characteristics in test items.


In addition to workshops, NBME provides expert consultation for specialized projects and initiatives related to medical education, testing, and research for medical schools and health profession organizations. This includes making recommendations regarding the optimal mode for test delivery, and assuring high-quality, efficient, and timely scoring and analysis of exams. 

The NBME research team also supports organizations that face unique measurement concerns or issues that require focused investigation or experimentation.