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About Us

DBSA (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance) is a national organization that provides support to help alleviate the suffering arising from depression and bipolar illness.  One of their functions is encouraging support groups in areas throughout the United States.

The support group chapters of DBSA in the DC metropolitan area have come together to form a regional chapter (NCA - National Capital Area).  Our chapter, focusing on support from family members of people with mood disorders, is a member of the NCA.

The Support Group meets twice a month (see the calendar for the times and location).  In addition the group provides other methods of support:

  • Mailing List:  We usually communicate using electronic mail.  A mailing list is available to share information.  By sending mail to discuss@dbsanca-family.org, electronic mail is sent to everyone in the list.  The mailing list is used to remind people of upcoming support group meetings, other meetings that might be of interest, and articles about mood disorders .  To be added to the mailing list, send an email message to mailinglist@dbsanca-family.org, including your name, electronic mail address and phone number.  If you would like to be removed from the list, just send a message to the same address and ask to be removed.  NOTE that the mailing list is currently not working due to technical difficulties.

  • Web Site:  This web site is designed to share information about the group and information about mood disorders that care givers and loved ones of people who are affected with mental illness might find interesting.  We have included book lists, articles of interest, links to applicable web sites, and listing of events.  We encourage your feedback!

  • Educational Programs:  The NCA organization sponsors educational support programs, providing speakers on topics such as new research in bipolar disorders.  Our chapter will sometimes support events related to services in Montgomery County.

  • Other:  We sometimes provide other services such as sharing personally owned books with others and developing position papers.

There are three facilitators for the support group, Diane Graham, Amy Sutter and Jennifer Fajman.  The quality of the group comes from the wonderful members who participate, sharing their experiences and helping others as they work through the process of helping loved ones who have a mood disorder.


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